About Us

Dear Howard County,

I enjoy teaching the fundamentals of violin playing to my students, but I understand that, even with a Master’s Degree in Music from the Johns Hopkins University, I am also their student in a sense. Through the insights I have gained from my pupils, I now have a teaching philosophy that I live by:


  1. Never discourage a student
  2. Come to a mutual agreement with the student about VERY reasonable goals
  3. Break these goals down into monthly, weekly, and daily commitments
  4. Reassess goals every 3 months
  5. Be perpetually committed to improving technique fundamentals (bow hold, bow angle, posture)
  6. Arrange performance opportunities for the student
  7. Promote the student through Violin Competitions, if the student is diligent, ready, and willing


As a very young violinist, I studied the Suzuki Violin Method, and I continue to believe that this is a wonderful music platform to learn ear training, sight-reading skills, and rhythm. The Suzuki violin method is a part of my teaching for young beginners, but I teach advanced students repertoire outside of this method, which I believe helps to develop their technique to a professional level.

Some of my students in Ellicott City, have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to mastery of the violin. Because of their perpetual diligence, they include concertmaster and principal violinists in the Howard County Public School system. I am also very proud of a student who is a recent prize winner in an International Junior Violin Competition in Seoul, South Korea.

Thank you for visiting the Howard County Violin School website. I certainly hope that we can meet in person, and that as a Master Violin Instructor, I might help you reach your goals as a performing artist.



Sincerely yours,


Brandon Buckmaster

Director of the Howard County Violin School